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- DNVP (German National People's Party- far right wing)
- KPD (German Communist Party)
- SPD (German Socialist Party)
- DAP (German Workers' Party) NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party- far
right wing) = becomes Nazi party
- SS = Schutzstaffel (led by Heinrich Himmler) = the Blackshirts…

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Weimar Republic
- Berlin too dangerous, so meetings in Weimar (hence name)
- No single party had majority after Constituent Assembly of January 1919 elections-
coalitions key feature of Weimar Republic as elections by proportional representation
- Assembly chose Ebert as president

Democratic Undemocratic

Bicameral legislature (approval of both elected…

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T he Nazis
- Nazi propaganda chief = Gregor Strasser
- Themes of work and bread, Hitler as last hope, Communism linked to Judaism (because
Trotsky = Jewish)
- Poster with "List 9 National Socialist German Workers' Party" (their ballot number) and
snake with star of David on head…

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Event that helped
Hitler gain power

Political parties Banning political parties made Germany a one-party state and destroyed
democracy in the country. After this action, Germans could no longer get rid
of Hitler in an election.

People's Courts These were set up to give Hitler greater control over the…

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- Josef Goebbels in charge of Ministry of Public Propaganda and Enlightenment
- Non-Nazi newspapers banned, editors told what allowed to print (e.g. Not allowed to
print photo of Reich government members drinking as gave impression that they were
`living it up')
- Cheap radios installed in cafés + factories…

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Impact on Christian groups
- Nazism clashed with Christianity (taught violence not love, hated weak didn't help them,
Hitler god-like)
- of population = Catholic, = Protestants. Catholics threat as loyalty divided
between Pope and Hitler, supported Centre party and religion school messages clashed
with Nazi ones

Persecution of minorities…


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