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From Kaiser to
GERMANY IN 1900 Fuhrer: 1900-
1945.…read more

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Bismarckian era: 1871-1890
Wilhelmine era: 1890-1918.…read more

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JANUARY 1871…read more

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Lose grouping of German states post Holy Roman Empire = German
Confederation of 1815.
Prussia dominated states through trade.
January 1871 ­ King Wilhelm I of Prussia was proclaimed Kaiser of
Germany.…read more

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Kaiser: Dismiss Chancellor, Reichstag, direct Foreign policy, commander in
chief of armed forces.
Chancellor: Responsible to Kaiser alone, not accountable to Reichstag,
appointed all state secretaries.
Bundesrat (Federal council): Bismarck's concession to federalism,
representatives from the states with Prussia having the most (veto of 17),
ratified all legislation.
Reichstag (Imperial parliament): Elected by universal male suffrage, discuss
proposals put forward by Bundesrat, not introduce own legislation,
Chancellor and Imperial secretaries not allowed to be members.…read more

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