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Helpful Geography Vocab for Ecosystems, Weather and Maps

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Geography word mat - year 7
Map Explorers Wild Weather/Hurricanes Ecosystems The Geography of Chocolate General terms
Relief Geography Ecosystem Cocoa pod Describe
Drainage Weather Biome Climate Explain
Settlement Climate Abiotic Export Pattern/trend
Population Storm surge Biotic Manufacture Bar graph
Vegetation Eye Rainforest Produce Line graph
Communication Eye wall Savanna Primary product Divided bar graph
Hemisphere Rain bands Mediterranean Industry Pie chart
Latitude Condense Coniferous forest Trade Climate graph
Longitude Evaporate Mountains Fairtrade Social
Annotate Typhoons Deciduous forest Ghana (Mim village) Economic
Continent/country Cyclone Desert Port Environmental
Europe Hurricane Tundra Purchasing power
Asia Tropical storm Herbivore Ethical shopping
Africa Saffir-simpson scale Carnivore Process
Oceania/Australasia Choropleth Decomposer Kuapa Kokoo
North America Effects Producers Fluctuating price
South America Response Scavengers Dubble
Antarctica Preparations Temperature range Co-operative
Key Storm shelter Adapt/adaptation Green & Blacks
Scale Drills and training Emergent Divine
Compass direction Weather forecasting Canopy
Symbol Levee Under canopy
4-figure grid reference Breakwater Shrub ­ layer
6-figure grid reference Evacuation Epiphytes
Contour lines LEDC Buttress roots
Land use MEDC Endangered
Aid Deforestation
Bangladesh Species
New Orleans Diversity
Hurricane Katrina Fertile
Dissipate Infertile
Long term Nutrients
Short term sustainable
Baobab tree/Acacia tree


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