Geography revision quiz

all questions to test your knowledge of the whole of year 11 Geography. Answers are on page 2.

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Geography Quiz
1. What is the first stage that leads to a stack at the very beginning?
2. What is Attrition?
3. What is another name for a hurricane?
4. What is a seismometer?
5. Is geothermal energy an advantage or disadvantage of living near a
6. What is the saffir-simpson scale?
7. List 3 short term aid essentials for a hurricane?
8. What does CBD stand for in a shopping diagram?
9. List two ways of coping with drought?
10.What is desalinisation?
11.What type of rock is a headland?
12.What is hard engineering, give an example?
13.What is swash?
14.What is traction?
15.What is the formula to work out population density?
16.True or false. Population density is affected depending on whether the
country is an LEDC or an MEDC.
17. Give two environmental factors attracting people to live in certain
18. What are the four layers of the earth?
19. What is sedentary farming?
20. Where about might market farming take place?

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Geography Answers
1. Crack
2. Rocks colliding to form smaller, smooth rocks.
3. Typhoon, Willie Willie, cyclone
4. Measures the magnitude of an earthquake.
5. Advantage
6. A scale that has a written scale of visual damage from a
7. Water and food, shelter, health, rescue, sewage, digging equipment.
8. Central business district
9. Any two; drought resistant crops, dams, reservoirs, cloud seeding,
10.…read more


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