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Gender ­ key studies/theories

Name of psychologist/study Study Issues

Batista family (androgen 4 children raised as males until 1979
insensitivity) surge of testosterone at Happened to other
puberty members of the family
­ expecting it?

David Reimer Born male, botched Identical twin brother
circumcision, raised female as a control

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interacts with biological
factors to determine gender
Eagly and Wood Social Role Theory ­ selective Social roles grow out
pressures only cause physical of biologically
differences which cause sex determined
role allocations which cause
differences (both
psychological differences ­
psychological differences are physically and
a consequence of the psychologically)

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Martin and Little Children under 4 showed no Supports Gender
signs of gender stability but Schema Theory
displayed strong gender
Martin and Halverson Children under 6 recalled more Supports Gender
pictures of gender consistent Schema Theory
people then non gender
Durkin While couples may agree to Suggests that…

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those behaviours as banana) as long as it
abstractions in their was not
memories counter-gender-
Direct tuition is more
important than
modelling ­ "boys
toys" ­ still played
with them even after
girls had, wouldn't play
with girls toys even
when they saw boys
playing with them

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Mead Papua New Guinea tribes Men were always
(Arapesh, Mundugumor, more aggressive than
Tchambuli) ­ A=neither women
aggressive, M- both
Freeman ­ worked
aggressive, T- females more
aggressive with native Samoans,
they told Mead what
she wanted to hear

Katsurada In Japan, men don't seek to Suggests that gender


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