Psychological Explanations of Gender Dysphoria

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  • Psychological Explanations (Socialisation) Gender Dysphoria
    • People with GD feel they are a different gender than their body suggests
    • Coates described a case study where a boy became gender dysphoric as a defensive reaction to his mother's depression following an abortion
      • He argued that the trauma may have led to  cross-gender fantasies which allowed him to reduce his anxiety
      • Difficult to prove scientifically that depression cause GD
      • As a case study it is more difficult to prove and impossible to generalise
    • Stoller interviewed boys with GD and found they were abnormally close to their mothers. He suggested that this led to GD as their distorted relationships led them to identify with women
      • Correlation does not equal causation
      • The boys were studied once they had GD so its retrospective; possibly they were close to their mothers because they had GD
    • Rekers studied 36 gender disturbed boys who should behaviours such as cross gender dressing
      • It was found that 75% (25) had no father figure at home compared to 12% in the control group
        • This study doesn't necessarily look a the strength of the relationships between the sons and the fathers, merely whether there is a father figure living at home


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