GCSE Statistics Chapter 6 Summary- Time Series

After completing this chapter, you will be able to;

  • Draw line graphs
  • Plot points as a time series on a graph
  • Draw a trend line by eye
  • Use a trend line to make a prediction
  • Calculate and plot appropriate moving averages
  • Identify seasonal variations by eye
  • Work out mean seasonal variations
  • Draw a trend line based on moving averages
  • Recognise seasonal effects at a given point and mean seasonal effect
  • Interpret time series graphs
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Line graphs

1.) A line graph is used to display data when the two variables are not related
by an equation and it is uncertain what happens between the plotted points.

2.) A time series is a set of observations taken over a period of time. A line
graph can…

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14.) The equation of a trend line is y = ax + b where a is the gradient of the
trend line and b is the intercept with the yaxis.

15.) The constant a is the amount by which the trend increases per time period
(quarter, twomonths, etc.)

16.) The…


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