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Revision PowerPoint
GCSE Seperate Biology
-UNIT 1…read more

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Active Transport
Diffusion is the movement of
substances from a high to low
concentration (down a concentration
gradient) and it needs no energy.
Active Transport is the movement of
substances from a low to high
concentration (up a concentration
gradient). Molecules need energy to be
carried through a protein carrier. This
energy is called ATP.…read more

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Active Transport
A molecule of ATP ATP allows the
attaches to the protein carrier to
protein carrier. ATP change shape. This
is produced by then allows the
mitochondria and substance to attach
supplies the energy to the carrier.
needed for Active The protein carrier
Certain Transport. then changes shape
substances are again to move the
needed inside a substance inside the
cell but cannot cell.
move via The protein carrier The substance is now
diffusion. needs more energy in the cytoplasm
to repeat the inside the cell and
process. the energy has been
used up.…read more

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Active Transport ­ Turtles
Turtles drink sea water that contains
Therefore they have too much salt and
the kidneys cant get rid of it all.
Turtles have salt glands to remove the
excess salt.
Active transport is used in the glands to
get the salt out of the body.
This is because the salt is going from a
low to high concentration gradient.…read more

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2 reasons why we breathe:
To get CO2 out of the body (because it
turns our blood acidic and it is a toxic
To get O2 into the body.…read more

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Lungs - Mechanics of
Inspiration Expiration
Intercostal Muscles Pull ribs out (contract) Relax
Rib Movement Up and Out Back down
Diaphragm Muscle Contracts (get shorter) Relaxes (gets longer)
Diaphragm Movement Flattens Returns to dome shape
Thorax Volume Increases Decreases
Thorax Pressure Lower Pressure Higher Pressure
Lung Volume Increases Decreases…read more

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