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Hayley Bull

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Maths Revision

The length of the radius of a circle is half the length of its diameter. So, when you are given a radius,
in order to find a circumference you must first double the radius to get the diameter.

To calculate the circumference of the circle with a diameter…

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Pie charts

Add the frequency together and then divide 360 by that amount.

? ÷360

Then the total of that amount time that by the number of items.

Speed, time and distance

Speed= distance ÷ time

Distance = speed x time

Time = distance ÷ speed


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Angles on a straight line add up to 180°


Fraction to a decimal

Divide the top by the bottom then times by 100

Finding a percentage of something

The amount divided by 100 times by the percentage


Perimeter ­ the edge of the shape

Area ­ inside of…

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If a number is below five you round the number down. If the number is five or above you round it

Reciprocals (fraction) ­ simply means one over the other

Place Value

The value of a digit in a whole number depends on its position in the number.


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then the middle value will be one of the data items. A factor of a whole number is any whole number
that divides into it exactly. One is always a factor and so is the number itself.


Move across first:

Right: positive

Left: negative

Then move up/ down:


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A locus is a path. The path is formed by a point which moves according to some rule.

Simple Loci


The locus of a point moves so that it is always a set distance (x) from a fixed point (O). What shape
is it?

Imagine the minute hand…

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The locus of a point which moves so that it is an equal
distance from two points, A and B, is the perpendicular
bisector of the line joining A and B.
Perpendicular means at right angles to.
Bisector means cuts in half.

Perpendicular bisector of a line segment


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Number of sides Name of polygon Shape

3 Triangle

4 Quadrilateral

5 Pentagon


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