GCSE maths doncaster jts

some of the areas you will need to learn 

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  • maths
    • percentages
      • the equivalence of fractions,              decimals and percentages
      • percentage increases and decreases
    • coordinates
      • midpoints
      • three dimensional coordinates
    • ratio and proportion
      • ratio with different units
      • using ratio
      • dividing a quantity in a given ratio
      • the best value
    • probability
      • theoretical probability
      • expected probability
      • relative frequency and probability
    • using and generating formulae
      • letters for unknowns
      • using harder numbers and formulae
    • solving angle problems
      • lines, points, triangles, quadrilaterals
      • parallel lines
      • angles in polygons
      • the exterior angle of a triangle
    • direct proportion
    • checking solutions and calculations
      • checking your work
      • rounding numbers to 1 significant figure
      • checking answers by rounding to 1 significant figure
    • scatter diagrams and correlation
    • Pythagoras theorem
      • Pythagoras theorem
      • Pythagorean triples
    • quadratic graphs
      • drawing quadratic graphs
      • graphical methods of solving equations
    • finding the mean of grouped data
      • finding the mean of grouped discrete data
      • finding the mean of grouped continuous data
    • equations and inequalities
      • inequalities
      • forming equations and inequalities


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