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17.1. The nature of consumer contracts

Consumers have many legal protections when they buy goods or services;
A consumer purchase is where:
The person buying the goods is doing so as a consumer (because they have unequal
strength with the…

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o Re Moore & Landauer & Co's Arbitration (1921) ­ a consumer rejected the goods given that
they did not match their description because they came in lower quantities per crate
although they totalled the correct amount.
Sometimes, even though no description has been given by the seller, judges say…

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o Baldry v Marshall (1925) ­ A seller sold goods which did not conform to the buyer's
expressed requirements and thus the buyer received compensation as he should have been
entitled to rely on the seller's professional opinion;
The purposes for which the goods are being bought can also be…

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17.3.4. The requirement that, where no price is agreed in advance, the purchaser only has to pay a
reasonable price for the service

The courts are unwilling to interfere with mutually agreed prices, however drastic, i.e. £1 for a car;
However, if no price has been set before contracting, unscrupulous…


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