GCSE Geography - The River Valley + Erosion, Transportation and Deposition

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The river valley
Course Gradient Valley and channel Cross profile
Upper Steep V-shaped valley,
steep sides, narrow,
shallow channel
(Vertical erosion)
Middle Medium Gently sloping valley
sides, wider, deeper
channel (lateral
Lower Gentle Very wide, almost flat
valley, very wide,
deep channel (lateral
Erosion, transportation and deposition
Hydraulic action ­ force of river breaks rock particles away from the channel
Abrasion ­ Eroded rocks are picked up by the river scrape and rub against the channel
Attrition -Eroded rocks smash into each other and break into smaller fragments. Edges also get
rounded off
Solution ­ River water dissolves some types of rocks e.g. chalk
Traction ­ large particles (boulders) are pushed along the river bed ­ force of the water
Saltation ­ pebble sized rocks are bounced along the river bed
Suspension ­ small particles (silt clay) are carried along by the water
Solution ­ soluble materials dissolve in the water and are carried along

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