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The Present Tense

Use: when talking about something that happens regularly (every
Saturday I go shopping) or something that is happening now (I am

Lets do regular verbs first, even though they're boring and stupid
and should go die. Irregular verbs are far more entertaining. Most
verbs that you…

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Okay, finir (to finish) is the only regular ­ir verb I can come up with.
So there we go.

Exactly the same as before, make a nice little stem by snipping
off the ­ir. And our stem just so happens to be fin (I'm enjoying all
this colour coding…

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Nous + perd + ons = nous perdons
Vous + perd + ez = vous perdez
Ils + perd + ent = ils perdent

Irregular verbs

Now we can move onto all the wonderful irregular verbs :D I'll even
group them by verb ending, though it won't do you much…

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Vous avez
Ils/Elles ont

Je + ai = j'ai
Tu + as = tu as
Il + a = il a
Nous + avons = nous avons
Vous + avez = vous avez
Ils + ont = ils ont

Devoir (to have to)

Although in English it mostly comes out…

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Je + peux = je peux
Tu + peux = tu peux
Il + peut = il peut
Nous + pouvons = nous pouvons
Vous + pouvez = vous pouvez
Ils + peuvent = ils peuvent

Être (to be)

Je suis
Tu es
Il/Elle/On est
Nous sommes
Vous êtes

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Tu + fais = tu fais
Il + fait = il fait
Nous + faisons = nous faisons
Vous + faites = vous faites
Ils + font = vous font

Now lets make some sentences ^_^ or rather, I make some
sentences and you read them. I swear this is…


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