GCSE French: The Future Tense (Le Futur Simple)

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The Future Tense 2.0 (Le Futur Simple)
I don't know why this is called the future simple. It's harder than le
futur proche. So this is sort of stupid.
Uses: When talking about something that will happen at an
unspecified time in the future.
The future stem always ends in ­r. So for ­er and ­ir verbs just add
the endings on, for ­re verbs take the ­e off and then add the
Lets use descendre, seeing as it's an ­re verb. So the future stem
of descendre is descendr. The endings are exactly the same as
avoir conjugated into the present tense. How wonderful! The
present tense is becoming even more important...
Je ai
Tu as
Il/Elle/On a
Nous ons
Vous ez
Ils/Elles ont
Je + descendr + ai = je descendrai
Tu + descendr + as = tu descendras
Il + descendr + a = il descendra
Nous + descendr + ons = nous descendrons
Vous + descendr + ez = vous descendrez
Ils + descendr + ont = ils descendront
So it's pretty easy, but I wouldn't call it the easiest tense. But
well, personal preference I suppose. I'll do it with another verb
because I have no life.
Je + finir + ai = je finirai
Tu + finir + as = tu finiras
Il + finir + a = il finira
Nous + finir + ons = nous finirons
Vous + finir + ez = vous finirez

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Ils + finir + ont = ils finiront
Horrible irregular verbs I keep forgetting about
There's a dozen or so verbs that have a strange future stem.…read more

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Je + ir + ai = j'irai
Tu + ir + as = tu iras
Il + ir + a = il ira
Nous + ir + ons = nous irons
Vous + ir + ez = vous irez
Ils + ir + ont = ils iront
Now some examples. Gosh, examples are tedious.
Nous finirons à trois heures.…read more


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