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The Future Tense 2.0 (Le Futur Simple)

I don't know why this is called the future simple. It's harder than le
futur proche. So this is sort of stupid.

Uses: When talking about something that will happen at an
unspecified time in the future.

The future stem always ends in…

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Ils + finir + ont = ils finiront

Horrible irregular verbs I keep forgetting about

There's a dozen or so verbs that have a strange future stem. I'll
list them and make your life easier, oh aren't I awesome?

Verb Meaning Future Stem
Acheter to buy achèter
Appeler to be…

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Je + ir + ai = j'irai
Tu + ir + as = tu iras
Il + ir + a = il ira
Nous + ir + ons = nous irons
Vous + ir + ez = vous irez
Ils + ir + ont = ils iront

Now some examples.…


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