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For the Listening & particularly the Reading exams!…read more

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Starter:- Think of some details or information you'll have to give when booking
into a hotel.
·Give your personnel details; name, where you live, etc.
·Say that you have already booked if you booked at a hotel online.
·How many people are staying with you.
·Ask what facilities there are available.
·What type of room(s) you want.
·How long you want to stay.
·Ask if towels are available (not all hotels provide them)!
·Ask about disabled facilities (if you or a person in your company is disabled).
There are probably more things you can think of!…read more

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La sorte de chambre
1) une chambre pour une personne ­ a room for one person
Now figure out which meaning in English goes to the
2) une chambre double ­ a double-bedded room
meaning in French!
3) une chambre pour deux personnes avec deux petits lits ­ a bedroom with two
une beds de famille
chambre a double-bedded room
4) une chambre de famille ­ a family bedroom
une chambre double a room for one person
une chambre pour une personne a bedroom with two single beds
une chambre pour deux personnes a family bedroom
avec deux petits lits…read more

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Ce qu'il y a das la chambre
First look in a French dictionary to find out what these words are in English, then
check for the answers.
une salle de bains a bath(room) (including a bath)
un balcon a balcony
les W-C a toilet
une vue sur la mer
a view of the seaside…read more

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La duree de sejour
·une nuit ­ one night
·deux nuits ­ two nights
·trois nuits ­ three nights
·une semaine ­ a week / one week
·quizaine jours ­ 15 days / 2 weeks…read more

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on last
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odwekdawqaxcbglIutreedgjdeuxnuitsjknbbvdfreshd…read more

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A presentation to make your revision of Hotel role plays a little more fun and interesting. Some animation  and interaction allow you to say the answers before they are revealed.

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