GCSE Biology B6- OCR 21st century Science Printable revision cards

These revision cards should cover everything you need to know for the B6 OCR 21st Century Science syllabus. If you want to print them, you'll have to fold each card where the blue line in the middle is and glue it down. You can then use it to test yourself on the questions. I recommend going through the cards once before you revise and put the cards into two piles; Know, and Need to revise. Then go through and learn the cards in the Need to revise pile. I hope these are as useful for you as they were to me. Good luck! :)

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Define subject. Define the Define the
Unconditioned Conditioned
Stimulus. Stimulus.
A person or thing that is In classical conditioning, the A previously neutral stimulus
being conditioned. unconditioned response is the that, after repeated association
unlearned response that with an unconditioned stimulus,
occurs naturally in response to elicits the response effected by
the unconditioned stimulus. the unconditioned stimulus
itself.…read more

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Define Neutral Define the Define the
Stimulus. Unconditioned Conditioned
Response. Response.
A stimulus which initially The unlearned response that The learned response to the
produces no specific response occurs naturally in response to previously neutral stimulus.
other than focusing attention. the unconditioned stimulus.…read more

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Define Simple What does the What does the CNS
behaviour. nervous system consist of?
consist of?
Everything an organism does; The Central Nervous System The brain and spinal cord.
its response to all the stimuli and The Peripheral Nervous
around it. System.…read more

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What co-ordinates an
What does the CNS Define stimulus
animals response to
a stimulus?
The Central Nervous System. The Central Nervous System A change in an organisms
gathers information about, environment.
and responds to, changes in
the environment.…read more

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Define behaviour.
Simple reflex- Complex reflex-
voluntary or voluntary or
involuntary? involuntary?
Behaviour is a reaction of an Involuntary Voluntary
individual, or response to an
action, environment, person
or stimulus.…read more

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How does a foetus in
Define reflex.
Name 6 reflexes the womb respond
seen in infants. when there are low
oxygen levels?
An involuntary and almost Grasping It moves around less as this
instantaneous movement in Startle- hands reach out when fall uses up less oxygen in cell
response to a stimulus. back respiration.
Rooting- moves face toward
something that touches its cheek
or mouth
Swimming…read more

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these revision cards r very helpful

thanks :) XD

lisa linsdell


Revision cards that can be printed out and used to help check knowledge of key words as well as describing and defining various aspects of the module. 

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