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-Learn about the context of the poem
-Read the poem
-Understand the surface meaning
-Find a deeper meaning through closer analysis…read more

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Wilfred Owen (1893-1918) is one of the most famous
English poets to emerge from the First World War. He
was born on the borders of England and Wales and
was interested in becoming a poet from an early age.
War broke out in 1914 and he joined the army the
following year, aged 18. Before long he had to return
to England to get treatment for shell-shock.
Futility reflects this sudden change from patriotic
hope to despair.…read more

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Try and understand the thoughts and feelings of the
speaker, and try and think of what the poem is based
on.…read more

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Does anybody think that
they know the surface
meaning of the poem?
So what do you think its about? Why?...…read more

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Now re-read the poem
Looking carefully for/at...
Tone Sounds
Form and Structure
Other things…read more

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Structure and Form
The poem has 14 lines, like a sonnet, but isn't
structured like one
The two stanzas are used to outline the poems change
of tone
The poem has half rhyme, which gives off a sense of
broken harmony beneath a seemingly strong surface…read more

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