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Social Psychological Theories of Aggression

Social Learning Theory

Whilst the aggressive behaviour of animals can be explained in terms of instinctual
drives, Bandura (1965) and Berkowitz (1989) assert that humans who display
aggression do so as a result of learned behaviour. They argue that this may be the
outcome of…

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factors cast doubt on the view that aggression is purely a learned behaviour. This
argument is counted by psychologists who point to societies such as the Amish who
have no aggressive behaviour. Disagreement also exists among social psychologists
with Dollard and Millar (frustration aggression hypothesis/
frustration-aggression-displacement theory) pointing to factors…

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other just wore regular street clothes. The teams in the orange shirts played in a
consistently more aggressive manner throughout the match than those in regular

Mullen's examination of American newspaper articles about lychings suggests
that the more people are in a mob the more savagely the victims had…

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(2006) found that their deindividuated state in `cyberspace' led to more of them
being comfortable and open than if they were in a face to face appointment.


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