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5 functions of a skellington

1. Protection - the cranium and ribs protect the brain and vital organs in the
2. Shape - gives shape to the body and makes you tall or short.
3. Support - holds your vital organs in place when playing sport. The vertebral

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Tendon joins muscle to bone enabling movement.
Ligament joins bone to bone, stabilising the joint.

In sport you move your limbs in different directions using joint actions. Use the
following terms to describe the movements:

Movement Description

Abduction Movement away from the midline of the body

Adduction Movement towards the…

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Hyaline cartilage - covers the ends of the bones, stops them rubbing
together and absorbs shock.
Epiphysis - the `head' of the bone.
Cancellous bone - spongy bone that stores the red bone marrow; where
blood cells are made.
Epiphyseal plate ­ the area where bones grow in length.


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