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Fundamental Particles
By Maddy, Issy and Emma…read more

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· Small point-like particles
· Example:
­ Electrons with a charge of -1 and the
corresponding antiparticles (like the positron)
of charge +1.
­ Neutrinos and antineutrinos are electrically
neutral.…read more

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There are three lepton families:
1. Electron (e) Light Particles
2. Muon (µ)
3. Tau () - 1800 times heavier than an
The 12 Leptons Charge Lepton Number
Particle e µ -1 +1
Anti particle e µ +1 -1
Neutrinos ve vµ v 0 +1
Anti neutrinos ve vµ v 0 -1…read more

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· Consists of six particles and six corresponding
· Never found on their own but exist in hadrons
formed from various quark combinations.
hadrons ­
particles and antiparticles that can interact through the strong
interaction.…read more

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Types of quark:…read more

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These quarks are split into three
generations of increasing mass:
­ 1st generation ­ up and down
­ 2nd generation ­ strange and charm
­ 3rd generation ­ bottom and top…read more

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