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Macro approach, top down approach, favours First major attempt to produce a grand theory.
quantitative measures Sometimes seen as teleological, as trying to
Social order is maintained through value, explain the origins of any social institution by
consensus, whereby values are internalised the function it performs for society.

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needs to motivate people to continue -Argued Parson's theory explains how society reinforces
to belong to society and not to leave itself through socialisation into roles, but it fails to
explain how individuals produce roles.
or oppose it.
-People appear to passively acquire roles and behave in
line with cultural…

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-Society has a distinct quality that cannot be reduced to
the motives of individuals. Society shapes individual
-Durkheim's concept of social facts established sociology
as a distinct subject. It explains how any individual's
action can be shaped by wide patterns of integration
and regulation.
-His main concern was with…



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