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Society is like an organism, (organic analogy) with
basic needs that it must meet in order to survive.
· These needs are met by the different institutions.
· Each institution performs certain functions and meets
the systems need.
Social Order
Social solidarity…read more

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Functionalism = `consensus theory'
No consensus = no shared norms & values!
What would happen?!
· People pulling in different directions
· Conflict
· Disorder…read more

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Durkheim (1912)
The collective conscience
· Sacred symbols represents a collective
· Regular shared religious rituals reinforce the shared
values and maintain social integration.
· Participating in shared rituals binds individuals
· In this sense religion also performs an important
function for the individual, by making us feel part of
something greater than ourselves.
· It strengthens and motivates us.…read more

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Durkheim (1912)
· Essence of all religion could be found by studying it in its simplest form.
· Studies of an aboriginal tribe of whom performed rituals towards a totem.
· For Durkheim this worship is in reality for society, although they are
unconscious of this.
· It inspires feelings of awe because it represents the power of the
All societies
Symbols &
ceremonies =
holy meaning Everything in our
Sacred Profane ordinary
Evoke strong everyday lives
emotions of
awe & respect…read more

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· Totem = plant, bird, animal seen to have holy qualities
· It is a symbol of the clan
· It is a symbol of the divine spirit that watched over them
Tribe worshipping the spirit
= Tribe worshipping the clan & their society…read more

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