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· A consensus approach ­ Society is based
on harmony and agreement.
· Society made up of an inter ­ relationship
of parts ­ each part performing specific
functions towards the maintenance of the
· Education system based upon equality of
opportunity.…read more

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Functions of the Education System
Please try and identify three key functions:
· Transmission of society's norms and values
· Reinforce and reproduce social solidarity &
moral regulation
· Role Allocation and Role Selection…read more

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Functionalist Accounts of
Working Class Underachievement
Functionalists provide
"Cultural" explanations
for working class
underachievement.…read more

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Cultural Deprivation
· Functionalist accounts of working class
underachievement focus on the supposed
cultural deprivation of key sections
of the working class.
· Cultural deprivation is key must learn
term and can be defined as meaning children
who lack the basic cultural knowledge, norms,
values, language and skills that commonly
shared by most other members of society.…read more

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Deprivation…read more

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