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(1909)…read more

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Psychosexual Stages of Development
ORAL ­ From birth until approximately 15 months ­
Focus of pleasure on the mouth
ANAL ­ Approx. 15 months ­ 3 years ­ Gain pleasure from
retaining or expelling faeces
PHALLIC ­ Approx. 3 ­ 5 years - Pleasure on genitals ­
Boy experiences Oedipus complex
LATENCY ­ 5 years ­ puberty ­ Sexual drives are repressed
GENITAL ­ Puberty onwards ­ Sexual pleasure is again
focused on genitals ­ This time through relationships…read more

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The phallic stage- 3 ­ 5 years of age
Childs sexual identification is established
Freud hypothesised that a young boy would
experience the Oedipus complex
Intense sexual love for his mother
See's his father as a rival, and wants to get rid of him.
The father, however, is far bigger and more powerful
than the young boy
The child develops a fear that, seeing him as a rival, his
father will castrate him.
For this to resolved: The child has to identify with the
same sex parent…read more

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Freud believed that the unconscious
contains unresolved conflicts
This has a powerful effect on our
behaviour and experience
These conflicts show up in our fantasies
and dreams
The conflicts are so threatening that they
appear in disguised forms- in the shape of
symbols…read more

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To report the findings of
the treatment of a five
year old boy for his
phobia of horses…read more

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Case study
Gained data from when the boys was 3-5 years old
Participant: Little Hans
Case study was actually carried out by Hans father- Max
The father would then send the boys responses onto
Freud gave directions as how to deal with the situation
based on his interpretations of the fathers report
Freud noted that it was the special relationship between
Hans and his father that allowed analysis to progress and…read more

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