French Vocab - drugs, alcohol and smoking

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French Lifestyle Vocabulary
se droguer - to take drugs
enrayer - to put a stop to
s'adonner a - to become addicted to
decrocher - to come off drugs
depenalise r- to decriminalise
desintoxiquer - to treat for drug addiction
s'injecter/ se piquer - to inject one self
degriser - to sober up
s'enivrer - to get drunk
s'evanouir - to blackout
trembler - to have the shakes
eviter - to avoid
provoquer - to cause
haleter - to gasp for breath
inhaler - to inhale
supprimer - to ban
se passer de - to do without
gêner - to disturb
grossir - to put on
weight/maigir - to lose weight
intoxiquer - to poison
sauter - to skip
diminuer - to cut down
enfumer - to fill up with smoke
se peser - to weigh oneself
peser trop - to be over weight
alcoolisme (m) - alcoholism
alcoolique - alcoholic
altérer la santé - to impair your health

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érigène - carcinogènic
dépendant/e de - dependant upon
difficulté (f) respiratoire - breathing difficulties
espérance (f) de vie - life expectancy
évitable - avoidable
fumée (f) ambiante - passive smoking
un drogue licite - legal drug
boire a l'exces - to drink excessively
buver/euse - drinker
canette (f) - bottle
ebriete - intoxication
excessif/ve - excessive
ivresse (f) - drunkeness
regime (m) sec - alcohol free diet
sobre - sober
taux (m) legal - legal limit
unite - unit
verre/boisson - drink
l'alcool au volant…read more

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étéré - chain smoker…read more

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éfaits - ill-effects
néfaste - harmful
réguilèrement - regularly
tabagisme (m) - addiction to smoking
toux (f) de fumeur - smoker's cough…read more


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