The Yalta Conference

This is a simple powerpoint to explain the decisions made at Yalta, so please comment!

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Cold War
The Yalta Conference…read more

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The Main Facts
· This conference · Stalin for the
was from 4-11th USSR
February 1945. · Franklin Roosevelt
· USSR, USA, and for the USA
Britain were · Winston Churchill
represented at this for Britain
country by the
following:…read more

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Things they decided
· Germany and Berlin to be split into
four sectors each.
· East Europe would be under Russian
· Britain would have influence over
Greece.…read more

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USSR got land from Poland who got
land from Germany
· USSR would get reparation goods
from Germany
· Germans guilty of war crimes would
be put on trial
· Stalin could join the United Nations
· Germany-freed countries could
choose their governments in free
elections…read more

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Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at Yalta in
order.…read more

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American newspaper describing the Yalta
Conference…read more


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