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Francis I and Henry II ­ taken from JAP Jones Europe 1500-1600

Watershed ­ looked backwards to the feudal ways of the medieval period but looked forward to
the absolute monarchy of the 18th century through increasingly centralised government.

Territories of the French kingdom were new. Kings…

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impending arrival. The Parlement was then visited by the Chancellor who reprimanded them for 4
hours, then the King cancelled several of their recent decrees and closed them down until further
notice. It wasn't re-opened until the following year, even then 9 members were banished from the

Monarchy's relations…

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Feudalism collapsed and was replaced by a system of patronage and clients. Power of prov
governors is a reflection of this. This took place during a time of religious dissent which gave a cause
to displaced social groups to cling on to.

Consequent social forces were beyond the king's control.…

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guard in King's chamber. Henry given choice ­ convert or die. He converted. Returned Guienne to


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