Fertility treatment

Fertility treatment notes for Christianity 

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Fertility Treatment
Fertility treatment is used when people cannot conceive naturally.
IVF ­ In Vitro Fertilisation (in glass): Egg and sperm are brought together in a test-tube. Embryo is put back
inside the woman's body.
AI ­ Artificial Insemination: Sperm is collected and placed in the woman's uterus artificially.
AIH ­ Artificial Insemination (Husband): Artificial Insemination using the husband's healthy sperm.
AID ­ Artificial Insemination (Donor) Artificial Insemination using an anonymous donor's sperm, e.g. if the
husband's sperm are not healthy, or a woman has no partner.
Surrogacy ­ If a woman cannot have children, her husband's sperm is used to impregnate another woman
­ a 3rd party. She gives birth and hands the baby back to the couple.
For Fertility treatment Against Fertility treatment
Brings happiness to those who could not have God chooses whether he wants couples to have
children otherwise. children or not, if a couple is childless, it is God's will.
"the lord had closed her womb"
If life comes from god, anything that creates new God has chosen these people to devote their lives to
life is good. other things.
God told Adam and Eve to: It goes against "natural law" to create a child in any way
"be fruitful and increased in number" other than through sex.
Therefore God wants us to have children.
Sanctity of life- God gives and takes life away.
AGAPE: Roman Catholic: Only acceptable if:
Most loving thing to do is offer people help. God No "spare" embryos are created
has given us the scientific knowledge to help No 3rd parties are used (surrogacy...)
people unable to conceive. It does not replace sex within a marriage.
AIH= acceptable
AID= Wrong! Bringing a 3rd party (another man) in to
the marriage is wrong-like adultery.
"Do to others as you would have them do to Methodist church:
you." If you were desperate for a child, wouldn't Acceptable for scientist to learn more about
you want someone to help you? infertility
Experiments on "spare embryos" are acceptable up
to 14 days (when embryo splits to form twins)
Church of England:
All forms of IVF are acceptable (including donations
by 3rd parties)
Experiments on "spare embryos" are acceptable up
to 14 days.
All churches:
Surrogacy = Wrong!!

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Involves a 3rd party in a bigger way than donation of
eggs or sperm
Can create problems for everyone involved,
including the child.
If "spare embryos" are created and thrown away, RC
church believes this is murder as life starts at
conception.…read more


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