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Feminism & Religion…read more

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1) Liberal Feminists
Differences between men & women are due to:
- socialisation
- sexist laws & rules
We need :
-non-gendered socialisation of children
- equality laws
They view religion as:
Church is unequal
Women should be allowed to have the same religious jobs
as men…read more

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2) Radical Feminists
Men are responsible for women's oppression
Men directly benefit from women's low social status
Religion = patriarchal (Daly, 1973)
Men dominate women in society
They view religion as:
Religions have specific rules for women
Catholic women are to cover their heads while at Church
Muslim women to wear the Burqa in public…read more

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3) Marxist Feminists
Capitalism reinforces women's inferior social status
Women provide free domestic labour (cook, clean, look after
Capitalism benefits from this, as husbands are able to work
longer hours
They view religion as:
Religion = tool of women's oppression under capitalism
Church reinforces traditional gender roles
This benefits the ruling capitalist class…read more

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Simone de Beauvoir
· Marxism= religion controls classes
· Feminism= religion controls women
· Religion is used by the oppressors (men) to control the oppressed (women)
· Religion compensates women for the 2nd class status
· Men have control over religious beliefs
· Divine authority supports male dominance
· Modern day society ­ religion is an instrument of deception
· Women are deceived by religion into thinking of themselves as equal to men
(despite evident inequality)…read more

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Women are taught / socialised to be relatively passive
· Makes them appear more godly
· False belief that women will be compensated for their
= equality in heaven
· Religion maintains a `status quo' in which women are unequal
(like Marx's false consciousness)
Women are vital for religion :
Where they do much of their work for religious organisations
and introduce children to religious beliefs.…read more

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