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What is a family?
A group of people who are related by kinship ties: relation of blood, marriage or adoption.
What is a household?
One person or a group of people who share living arrangements.
Forms of…

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wouldn't know who your family was, and may
accidentally have sex with them.
Reproduction The family gives the stability for reproduction
and rearing of children.
Primary socialisation of children, they learn the
3 Socialisation values of society. This is called the value

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o The family is an oppressive institution that stunts the development of human personalities and
individuality. There is a dark side to family like that functionalist accounts play down.
Radical feminism
o Family meets the needs of patriarchy by socialising children into traditional gender…

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Changes in the family since industrialisation
1. Decline in marriage and growth in cohabitation
2. Remarriage resulting in reconstituted families
3. More births outside marriage
4. Growth of the lone parent family
5. Rising divorce rates
6. Decline in family size
7. More child…

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1. There is a need in industrial societies for geographical 1. Laslett said that the typical family before
mobility. Modern industrial society has a specialized industrialisation was never the extended
division of labour ­ a wide range of different family. He said only 10%…

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o Surveys show that women are limited in the jobs they do because of childcare,
e.g. they have to be at home and take children to and from school.
o Women receive less pay, job security and promotion.
o 40% of women in paid…

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The changing roles of women. Because they are more economically independent, it has
given them more freedom to choose their relationships.
Growing secularisation
Changing social attitudes and reduced social stigma.
Greater availability of contraception.
Higher expectations of marriage.
o Singlehood
1 in 3 houses…

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Differences between children in the same society show
3 INDUSTRIAL/MODERN us that poorer children have different experience of
childhood than well off children.
Child centeredness in contemporary Britain shows us
family activities etc being focused on the interests of
the child. Families have also…

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Social Policy
Labour and Conservative Parties (Manifesto 1997) See government policy as important.
Believe that families are at the core of society.
They should teach right from wrong and be the
first defence against anti-social behaviour.
They say marriage provides strong foundations
for stable…


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