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LOCATION…read more

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Availability Of Raw Materials
In determining the location of an industry, nearness
to sources of raw material is of vital importance.
Nearness to the sources of raw materials would
reduce the cost of production of the industry. For
most of the major industries, the cost of raw
materials form the bulk of the total cost. Therefore,
most of the agro-based and forest-based industries
are located in the vicinity of the sources of raw
material supply.…read more

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Availability of Labour
Adequate supply of cheap and skilled labour is
necessary for and industry. The attraction of an
industry towards labour centres depends on
the ratio of labour cost to the total cost of
production which Weber calls `Labour cost of
Index'. The availability of skilled workers in the
interior parts of Bombay region was one of the
factors responsible for the initial concentration
of cotton textile industry in the region.…read more

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Proximity Of Markets
Access to markets is an important factor which the
entrepreneur must take into consideration. Industries
producing perishable or bulky commodities which cannot
be transported over long distance are generally located in
close proximity to markets. Industries located near the
markets could be able to reduce the costs of transport in
distributing the finished product as in the case of bread
and bakery, ice, tins, cans manufacturing, etc.
Accessibility of markets is more important in the case of
industries manufacturing consumer goods rather than
producer goods.…read more

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Availability of Land
Land is becoming increasingly scarce particularly in
urban locations, forcing rental prices up. Property prices
are particularly high in major city areas such as Central
London and Birmingham. Companies like Land
Securities are developing new sites that are suitable for
modern businesses to locate to.…read more

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Opportunity for Waste
Waste is an important side effect of modern industrial
processes. Firms that produce a lot of toxic material (e.
g. some chemical plants) will seek to locate where there
are facilities available for recycling and safe disposal of
their products.…read more


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