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F322 ­ Organic Chemistry Revision

F322 Key Revision Notes
Addition Polymer ­ A very long chain molecular chain formed by repeated addition reactions of many
unsaturated alkene molecules.
Addition Polymerisation ­ The process in which unsaturated alkene molecules add on to a growing
polymer chain one at a time…

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F322 ­ Organic Chemistry Revision

Enthalpy Profile Diagram ­ A diagram for a reaction to compare the enthalpy of the reactants with
the enthalpy of the products.
Esterification ­ The reaction of an alcohol and a carboxylic acid to produce an ester and water.
Exothermic ­ A reaction in which…

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F322 ­ Organic Chemistry Revision

Substitution Reaction ­ In a reaction in which an atom or group of atoms is replaced with an atom or
different group of atoms.
Termination ­ The step at the end of a radical substitution when radicals come together to form one
Troposphere ­…




carbacation and carbanion definitions are all the way around 

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