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Icelandic Volcano-Eyjafallajokull Volcano

Flight cancellations throughout Europe
But Icelandic airspace free of ash-planes still allowed
Volcanic bombs-magma, ash, waves of pressure
Dark material-magma
White smoke-water vapour-ice and snow melting
Lava 1000 degrees centigrade plus

Why are there volcanoes there?

Mid Atlantic Ridge-Between 2 tectonic plates- moving apart
Allowed Iceland…

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27,000 ft high, same height as plane travel
Blown south east
Ash cloud is a known flight hazard
The particles travelled so far south because it was so light and small
It can cause visibility problems
It can mess up the navigation system
It can erode the body
If it…

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Increasing threat?

Due to global warming and increase in changing temperatures.
Global warming can melt the ice sheets which may cause dormant volcanoes
to become active again in Iceland.

Being prepared

Monitoring-This can forecast when they will erupt so can help in getting
plans ready-but it can't say how big…


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