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Explore how Austen presents Mr Collins


First Impressions
Marriage Proposal
Views on Lydia's Elopement

Austen's portrayal of Mr Collins adds a comical element to the otherwise tense plot of Pride
and Prejudice. I am going to discuss the literary techniques used in order to achieve this.

The first impressions…

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alternative interpretation may be that it is Elizabeth's or another Bennet's voice as it has a hint of
sarcasm. This lightheated but comical comment may portray Mr Collins as being ridiculous.

His infamous marriage proposal to Elizabeth seems to add to his insanity but also makes him
seem naive as…

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immediately debunks it. This may present Mr Collins as desperate as this is his last chance or he
may still be ignorant of the rejection as he feels he is Elizabeth's best choice.

His views on Lydia's elopement show a surprisingly brutal and indifferent aspect to his

Austen once…


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