Example Introduction (Part B)

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Example Introduction
"The Cold War came to an end because the Soviet Bloc was fatally
undermined by popular protests in Eastern Europe." How far do
you agree with this view?
"Popular protests in Eastern Europe did play an important role in
ending the Cold War as they weakened Soviet influence in the
USSR's satellite states. Source 10 agrees that there were many
reasons for this growing discontent, including nationalism, and
anger over the political and religious restrictions. However, these
protests were ultimately the result of, as Source 12 states, "the
enormous economic problems". Source 10 also recognises this
crucial role of economics, suggesting that the inefficiency of the
USSR's command economy was one of the motivations behind the
protests. Source 11 focuses on the importance of individuals, in
particular Gorbachev's role in convincing the USA that he was
dedicated to ending the conflict; however this determination was,
as Source 12 agrees; driven by the urgent need to revive the
Soviet economy. Therefore, whilst the popular protests of Eastern
Europe certainly led to a change in relations between the two
superpowers, the main impetus for them was the severe economic
problems the Soviet Union was experiencing."
Why is it good?
Acknowledges that the main point of the question is still
Then uses the first source to support this point
Then contrasts with the other source and the arguemnts it is
making, and cross references them
Introduces the final source- states its arguments and then
cross references them further
Uses this to state the final judgement and substantiates it
(explains it)
The judgement is clear throughout, and also quotes from the
Rounds up the arguments clearly at the end.


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