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Describe and evaluate the biosocial approach to gender development.

There are two main theories within the biosocial approach. The first, by money and ehrhardt, is called
biosocial theory. It was an attempt to integrate nature and nurture and states that once a baby is
born, labelling a differential treatment of…

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sit firmly on the nature side of the debate. However, some psychologists think that nature interacts
with nurture to bring our roles.

Division of labour can be explained by the evolutionary approach. Men evolved as the hunters and
women as the homemakers (childcare, shelter and cooking). This may have occurred…

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Discuss the role of genes and hormones in gender development.

Genes and hormones play an important role in gender development. Firstly, genes play a role. The XX
and XY chromosomes determine our biological sex. If the XY chromosome is present, the testes will
produce testosterone which leads to the development…

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without relying on case studies because it would be totally unethical to submit a baby to abnormal
levels of hormones and subject them to that kind of confusion. Animal studies are good in this way
because they allow us to study what would not be allowed on human. However, many…

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