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Exam Questions.

Models of memory.

A brain scan shows that one area of the brain is more active when a person is doing a verbal
task. However, when this person is doing a visual task, a different area of the brain is more

1 (a) Explain how this could…

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working memory model. (2 marks)
A Serial position curve
B Incidental learning store
C Central executive
D Phonological loop

6. Explain one strength and one weakness of the working memory model.

7. A case study was carried out on Peter whose brain was damaged in a motorcycle
accident. Psychologists tested…

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2. (a) Explain how a cognitive interview differs from a standard interview (4 marks)
(b) Psychologists have carried out research into the use of cognitive interviews. One
possible ethical issue which might arise during this research is protection of participants from
harm. Explain how psychologists could deal with this ethical…

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1. a. Identify a suitable measure of central tendency that could be used with these data.
Justify your answer. (2 marks)

b. The psychology students decided to use a volunteer sample. Suggest one way in which this
sample could be obtained. (2 marks)

c. Suggest one possible extraneous variable in…

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