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Same Species Family
Look at the cat family when we have got three species
below. The European Wild Cat, The Tiger and The Lion.
They all have the same hunting needs and will hunt to
survive. If you look at a kitten why does it play if you
present a piece of string in front of it. This is because it
has a hunting instinct and will target the string as if it
was a mouse's tail. The tiger has stripes as do some
domestic cat. The male African lion has a mane because it
will keep it cool when it is relaxing. All the species in the
Cat family have common traits and that is there method
for survival.…read more

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Billions of years ago Earth was inhabited by large reptiles that crashed
on our planet. It remains a mystery of how the dinosaurs were whipped
out but Scientists and Archaeologists think that the dinosaurs were
killed in a meteor shower or even a large Volcanic eruption. Others think
that they died out because of an ice age and reptiles can not live in cold
habitats. But what remains a mystery was were did the species we see
today come from. These animals must have evolved.…read more


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