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The Environment of evolutionary adaptation (EEA)
By Bushra and Hannah…read more

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+ The environment of evolutionary adaptation (EEA) refers to the
environment in which a species first evolved.…read more

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+ African savannah
We lived in hunter-gatherer societies…read more

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Evolutionary Explanations
of Food Preference:
Evolutionary origins of the
human diet…read more

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The Human Diet
Psychologist look at the diet of monkeys and apes to compare our
progression and previous dietary requirements.
They probably used to eat fruits and berries at first because...
Then we eventually became omnivores.…read more

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The difference in digestive system
This is how are digestion systems evolved...
Humans Primates
Long duodenum Long large intestine
Small intestine Less specialised protein
Absorption of proteins
The advantage of a diet consisting of meat
meant that it was a more efficient way of
obtaining protein. Large occasional kills
would mean that early humans would spend
less time feeding themselves.…read more

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