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"Examine two critiques on the relationship between religion and morality"

Since modern civilisation, there have been questions raised as to whether morality is
dependent on religion. There are many scholars who have endeavoured to prove that
morality is or isn't dependant on religion by exposing flaws in the commonly held…

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In Britain, there is religious freedom. In theory, government and politics are secular- primarily
to prevent the persecution of religious groups by others thus stopping a particular religion
having governmental control. Other places (some parts of the USA) where, for example, it is
a widely held belief that Darwinism is…

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theories that suggest otherwise, counteracting the belief that conscience is controlled by

Social conditioning is the theory that the conscience has no super-natural derivatives and is,
in-fact a result of socialisation. Social conditioning theorises that knowledge of right and
wrong come from responses to authority in childhood such as…


James Roden

What grade did this essay get when marked?

James Roden

What grade did this essay get when marked?

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