Enzyme Inhibitors - competitive, non-competitive, reversible and irreversible

This is a powerpoint about enzyme inhibitors, including information about competitive, non-competitive, reversible, irreversible, specific and non-specific inhibitors, with pictures and diagrams :)

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Inhibitors…read more

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What is an enzyme inhibitor?
An enzyme inhibitor is a molecule that binds to enzymes
and decreases their activity (slows down reaction, as
sometimes it is necessary to make sure that the reaction
does not proceed too fast).
Not all molecules that bind to enzymes are inhibitors;
enzyme activators bind to enzyme and increase their
enzymatic activity.…read more

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There are a variety of types of inhibitors such as:
·non-competitive…read more

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Specific and Nonspecific
· Specific Inhibitors exert their effects upon a single
· A nonspecific inhibition effects all enzymes in the same
way. Non-specific methods of inhibition include any
physical or chemical changes which ultimately denatures
the protein portion of the enzyme and are therefore
irreversible.…read more

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Reversible and Irreversible
Reversible inhibitors are the most common types of inhibitors,
as irreversible inhibitors only form occasionally. Reversible
inhibitors only make temporary attachments to the enzyme and
can drop off and leave.
Irreversible inhibitors bind themselves strongly to the active
site so that it can't be removed and therefore permanently
prevents the enzyme from functioning correctly.…read more

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Competitive Inhibitors
These bind to the active site of the enzyme
A competitive inhibitor is any compound which closely
resembles the chemical structure of the substrate. The
inhibitor competes for the same active site as the
substrate molecule.
The inhibitor may interact with the enzyme at the active
site, but no reaction takes place. The inhibitor is "stuck"
on the enzyme and prevents any substrate molecules
from reacting with the enzyme.…read more

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