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Language & Techniques
Question 4:
1.) Length of sentences...
Short sentences give the passage...
tension, sharp
create a punchy choppy rhythm
Long sentences give the passage...
time dragging
create a sense of relaxation
it slows the description down
2.) The use of adjective...
Adjectives are vital, they are powerful. Powerful adjectives
describe horror/ beauty etc.
"ing" adjectives
Describe the effect that something has on someone's
Describe a process or state that continues over a period of
"ed" adjectives
Describe people's feelings.
3.) The use of adverb...
They modify or qualify a verb.
4.) Use of powerful verbs...
The boy hit the boy = ACTIVE
The boy got slapped = PASSIVE
Active verbs are fast and Passive slows the pase.
ing verbs

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Use of figurative language...
Use of Short sentences: Short sentences are used for emphasis.
Use of Alliteration: It emphasis but mostly the sound.
"m/n" = gives a sense of harmony.
"p/b"= plosives
"l" = it stretches it out with length.
e.g.: long lengthy
"h/w" = it slows things down.
e.g.…read more

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To convey a vivid image to the reader.
Use of Simile:
To give the reader an image of what something looks like.
Use of repetition:
It emphasises and to show a point. Repetition shows the
continued ignorance of the person.
Use of contrast:
To compare the images and to show their
Use of Personal Pronoun:
1st person:
Gives more personal view of the person.
2nd person:
To give the impression of directly talking to the reader.…read more

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