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· audience - who it is trying to talk to
· purpose - what the text is trying to do (eg inform, advise, persuade)

The devices used depend on:

quotations (things people said either in quotation marks or highlighted in the text) ·
structure (short or long paragraphs) ·

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Similes and metaphors are common techniques for suggesting feelings

· Are they happy or sad?
· Is it funny or serious?
· Do they feel good or bad about this subject?

need to look closely at detail and similes.
When inferring meaning, you might simply know what the writer feels.…

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why these similar or different writing techniques are used in the other text ·
how these are similar or different from writing techniques from another text ·
why these techniques are used ·
which writing techniques are used ·
This means in your answer you will have to write at…


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