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audience - who it is trying to talk to
· purpose - what the text is trying to do (eg inform, advise, persuade)
The devices used depend on:
quotations (things people said either in quotation marks or highlighted in the text) ·
structure (short or long paragraphs) ·
layout features (bullets, boxed text) ·
colour ·
font size and style (bold, italic etc) ·
illustrations ·
pictures ·
photos ·
headings (titles) and sub-headings ·
recognise presentational devices such as:
· explain why these devices are used and what effect they have
· list the presentational devices the text uses
Identifying presentational feautres
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· find the information the question asks for
· explain why the information you have chosen answers the question
How to summarise an argument.
· The heading or title- this should help you decide on the main subject of the text.
· Vocabulary- the kinds of words (nouns) used to give information will also indicate a
particular subject.
· Attitude- adjectives and intensifiers should tell you what the writer thinks about their
· Argument- the author will use points to develop their argument. Look for discourse
markers - phrases such as"on the contrary, what is more, and another thing, as a result,
in conclusion".
Be careful about quotations.

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Similes and metaphors are common techniques for suggesting feelings
· Are they happy or sad?
· Is it funny or serious?
· Do they feel good or bad about this subject?
need to look closely at detail and similes.
When inferring meaning, you might simply know what the writer feels.…read more

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how these are similar or different from writing techniques from another text ·
why these techniques are used ·
which writing techniques are used ·
This means in your answer you will have to write at least four paragraphs describing:
similar and which ones are different.…read more


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