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English Paper One Tips
The (TITLE) silly (SPEAKER) ass (AUDIENCE) can't (CONTENT) state (STYLE) the (TONE) format
(FORM/STRUCTURE) at the top of the question paper and use it to help you structure your response to the poem.

If you find the poem difficult and don't really understand it, here are…

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Who is the speaker in the poem? Is it the poet, or is it the poet taking on another voice?
Who is the poet speaking to? Is it him/herself, is it a particular person, or is it the reader?
What can we tell about the poet from studying the…

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These two lines often contain a complete thought. All of Shakespeare's sonnets end
with a couplet. Here is an example from Shakespeare's ''Shall I Compare Thee'':
''So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.''
Enjambment - When a…

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1 Ideas have little organization; there may be a superficial structure, but coherence and development are
2 Ideas have some organization, with a recognizable structure; coherence and development are often
3 Ideas are adequately organized, with a suitable structure; some attention is paid to coherence and

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show awareness of different possible interpretations and contexts
4. Write a concise conclusion pulling together the threads of your essay.
Try to include a personal response: In conclusion, what is particularly striking is how...

Analytical prompts
The following phrases are helpful for both speaking and writing about Literature. Both types…

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The theme of [x] is initiated/developed/sustained/complicated in this [analytical adjective] extract
This brutal image strikes the reader as
There is a vital ambiguity at work here: either ... or ....




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