Essay Writing at IB English Literature Standard Level

A guide to writing an essay for IB English Literature Standard Level:- Enjoy

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Essay Writing at IB English Standard Level
A:- Knowledge and Understand
Convey Understanding, analysis how meaning is created
B:- Response to the question
Ensure all ideas link back to the question
Investigate what is implied by the question, including subtle ideas
Compare more than one texts
C:- Appreciation of the literacy conventions of the genre
Use the correct terminology for the genre, e.g. poetic terms, or the language of a play
Consider how the text's form affect meaning
D:- Organisation and Development
Create an argument in relation to the statement/question
Ensure all paragraphs begin with a topic sentence
Ensure all points link back to the argument
E:- Language
Write in a critical register
Use suitable expression and vocabulary
Proof read to check punctuation and grammar


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