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V-l graphs show how lhe currenl varies as Uou change the voltage. Learn lhese lhree real well:
Differcnt Resistorq Filament Lamp
--+- -- I ]-
ill ---l I
f-i--i-] I
i-T--[ '1-T;
r-ritrT ,/
-/ ;/ ,/
-* *l It
_l-_j A __l…

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@ |e"ttufsl EJI
iF jr---l F
fAmrt*I f/"1fi"t*l tpr'd" I

1) Variable Resistor
l) A resislor whose resislance can be changed bg twiddling a knob or sornelhin!.
2) The old-fashioned ones are huge coils of wire wilh a slider on lhem.
3) Theg're greal for allering lhe current…

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Sgries (frgUits
Youneedtobeableiotellthedifferencebelweenseriesandpara|[email protected]
You also need lo know ihe rules about what happens wilh bolh tgpes. Read on.

Series Circuits AII or Nothing
l) In series -
circuils, lhe differenl
components are connected in a !ing, end lo end, belween lhe *ve
-'ve of the Power supplg (except for…

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Parallel circuils are much more sensible lhan series circuils and so fheg're rnuch rnore common in
real life. All lhe eleclrics in gour house will be wired in parallel circuils.

I) ln parallel circuifs, each cornponenl is separalelg connecled to the *ve and -ve of rhe supFIU.
2) lf…

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Cfr:gvitg The B*sigs,
Heg, I know learn them now!
lsn'l eleclricilg greai. Mind gou il's preflg bad news if the words don'l rnean angthing lo gou...
l) etllren!-l is lhe flow of electrons round lhe circuit.
Current will onlu flow lhrough a cornponent if lhere is a…


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