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Electoral systems

1. Majority Systems

Aim to ensure that the wining candidate achieves more than 50% of the votes cast in a
constituency, there are three main types.

Supplementary Vote System
Voters have only 2 preference votes.
Candidates win by gaining 50%+ of the vote
If no candidate wins 50%+…

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The country is divided into multi member constituencies.
Parties provide as many candidates as there seats
Voters crank all candidates in order of preference or just 1 or 2 candidates if they
Seats are allocated according to a quota system

Q = Number of votes cast + 1

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Under the present system a government can gain clear majorities in the House of
Commons but enjoy only minority support in the country.
The FPTP system is grossly unfair if it fails to markedly under represent the number
of seats gained compared to votes cast. E.g. in 1997 the Conservatives…


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