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Physics Revision

1) AMPLITUDE-goes from the middle line to the peak
2) WAVELENGTH-a full cycle of the wave
3) FREQUENCY-how many complete waves per second e.g. 1Hz is 1
complete wave per second
4) PERIOD-the time taken for one complete wave.

Transverse Waves are:
1) Light and all other…

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1) Refraction is shown by waves in a ripple tank slowing down
2) Refraction is always caused by the waves changing speed
3) Sound waves refract as well

Digital and Analogue Signals
1) Information is converted into signals
2) Analogue varies but digital's either on or off
3) Signals have…

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2) Gravity decreases quickly as you get further away
3) Planets in the night sky seem to move across constellations
4) Asteroids are a belt of rocks orbiting between Mars and Jupiter
5) Meteors are lumps of rock that crash down to Earth
6) Comets orbit the Sun, but have…


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