Edexcel GCSE Biology 2BIO1 - Unit B1 Topic 3

Class notes for the 2011 Edexcel GCSE

Biology Unit B1 Topic 3 - Problems of and solutions to a changing environment

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Biology B1 Topic 3
B1 Topic 1
Topic 2
Biology Drugs
Topic 3 Pathogens
Science B3
Drug - a chemical substance that changes the way in which the body works
Narcotic - a drug that makes us feel sleepy e.g.
Painkillers - e.g. heroin, morphine, paracetamol. Block impulses travelling
to the pain receptors in the brain
Hallucinogens - Alter the pathways that nerve impulses travel along
and/or Change the way the brain works i e. sight, hearing, feel e.g. LSD
Stimulants - Increase speed of neurotransmission across synapses.
Speed up reaction times e.g. caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines
Depressants - Slow down neurones in the brain e.g. alcohol
Addicted - When the body is dependent on a drug and fails to work
properly without it
Tolerance - When the body gets used to a specific dose and you need
more and more to get the same affect

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Biology B1 Topic 3
Sort the drugs into medicinal and recreational - Explain
your choices
2…read more

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Biology B1 Topic 3
Should caffeine be made illegal?
Use the statements below to write a balanced
argument explaining if you think Caffeine should
be made illegal
High doses of caffeine can The more caffeine you
cause hyperventilation take, the more tolerant
Caffeine can help you stay (rapid breathing) and you become to the effects
alert when you are tired. heart palpitations. (i.e. the effects become
Extreme doses of caffeine less, even if you take the
can cause death. same amount).…read more

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Biology B1 Topic 3
Damage caused by Smoking
How can smoking cigarettes harm you?
· Contents of a typical cigarette
· Detailed information about the affect of
carbon monoxide
· Correlation between smoking and lung cancer
The damage caused by smoking
Find out the effects of some of the chemicals in cigarette
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Biology B1 Topic 3
Three Main Components of Cigarettes
· addictive
· absorbed into the blood and affects the brain within 10 seconds.
· releases neurotransmitters that make you feel good
· causes a surge of heart rate, blood pressure, and adrenaline (which also feels good).
· when effects of nicotine on the brain and body wear off, the smoker feels worse than
before. This reinforces the craving for another cigarette.…read more

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Biology B1 Topic 3
· Higher % of men die from each disease than women
· Most people (highest %) die of respiratory diseases
· Lowest % of people die of circulatory diseases
· Men take more risks than Women
· Men have a shorter lifespan than women
· Women look after themselves better
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Biology B1 Topic 3
There is evidence that tobacco companies have known for many
years that smoking damages health, but they kept those reports
secret.…read more

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Biology B1 Topic 3
Key points on Alcohol
Alcohol is a depressant. It slows brain activity and increases
reaction times. This can be dangerous, e.g. when driving. It also
lowers inhibitions so people are more likely to take risks. Large
amounts of alcohol can cause blurred vision and affect
Alcohol has an effect on society. Violence towards others and
accidents are often linked to alcohol.…read more

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Biology B1 Topic 3
B1 Topic 1
Topic 2
Biology Drugs
Topic 3 Pathogens
Science B3
Micro-organism - organism that is too small to see without magnification
Pathogen - micro-organism that causes an infectious disease
Direct contact - method of transfer by actual body contact
Indirect contact - method of transfer using either a vehicle e.g. water or
vector e.g.…read more

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Biology B1 Topic 3
People are always talking about microorganisms and germs, but
what are they?
You body is home to millions of different microorganisms, but are
they all harmful?
Write down everything that you can
remember about microorganisms
Micro Organisms
http://www.youtube.…read more


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