Economic business task

Economic business task

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Company Established Purpose Size Owner Growth & development
Barclays 1690 global operates in nine Marcus Agius Retail banking
PLC financial segments: UK Retail (Group Commercial banking
services and Business Chairman) Investment banking
provider Banking (UK RBB),
Robert Investment management
engaged Europe Retail and
in retail Business Banking Diamond
banking, (Europe RBB), Africa (Group Chief
credit Retail and Business Executive)
cards, Banking (Africa RBB),
wholesale Barclaycard, Barclays
banking, Capital, Barclays
investmen Corporate, Barclays
t banking, Wealth, Investment
wealth Management and
managem Head Office
ent and Functions and Other
investmen Operations
Star bus 1987 transport Carl , Keith , Alex
LTD are for Parkinson
local 198 Star Cars & Bus Co. Ltd
7 taken over by Keith
Parkinson, company be
notably with an initial fleet of 1
passenger vehicles
s with 199 Alex Parkinson joins the
special 7 company as a Director
needs having spent time learn
the ropes as a driver
199 First fleet of 16 seaterm
private 7 buses were purchased
clients 200 Moved into current prem
such as 1
private 200 Carl Parkinson joins the
schools, 4 company as a Director
charities 200 Star Cars & Bus Co.
6 accredited with ISO900
and after
2000 accolade.
school Workforce increases to
clubs employees.
Fleet increases to 200
vehicles including the
company's first
environmentally friendly
hybrid car.
200 Star Cars & Bus Co. too
7 delivery of another hyb

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Asda 1 523 locations Andy Clarke Food
9 (CEO and President)
6 Judith McKenna George clothing
5 (COO)…read more


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